Why at Kondilis Rentals?

  • You get the exact model of vehicle you asked for, not a similar one.
  • We secure the delivery of clean and safe vehicles, checked and maintained by a professional and experienced team.
  • Fair prices, without hidden extras.
  • Free delivery and pickup at the port, the airport or your hotel.
  • Reservations by e-mail, sms, social media or phone call, without deposit.
  • Third party liability insurance.
  • Free roadside assistance (08.00 - 22.00) in less than 1 hour and change of vehicle equivalent, in case of damage or accident.
  • Comprehending the importance and the necessity of holidays for all, we offer friendly service from experienced and worked out personnel.


What is included in the rental cost?
-Map of the island and useful information.
-Third party liability insurance.
-Free roadside assistance throughout Paros. Change to vehicle equivalent, if it's necessary.
-Vat 24% and local taxes.
-Helmets for the driver and the passenger. Children's helmets are provided, too.
-Free baby seats for cars
-Luggage case in all models and luggage belts, if it's necessary.
-Unlimited mileage
-Delivery and pick up, free of charge, to port, airport and hotels.
Do I need to fill the tank with petrol?
All vehicles have to be returned with the same amount of fuel, as given. Otherwise, the difference has to be paid to the rental company. Refunds on unused fuel, cannot be given.
Which kind of license is required to rent?
Possession of a driving license is a prerequisite for hire.
-For scooters and ATV 50-80cc:
EU countries - Category AM, A1, A2, A
Non EU countries- Category A of international driving license
-For scooters 125cc:
EU countries - Category A1, A2, A
Non EU countries - Category A of international driving license
-For scooters 150cc and more:
EU countries - Category A2, A
Non EU countries - Category A of international driving license
-For ATV 150cc and more, buggies and cars:
EU countries - Category B
Non EU countries - Category B of international driving license
How could I pay?
-By card. All credit or debit cards are acceptable.